Fleet management and IoT

Bravad Technology supports you in managing and implementing robust and cost-effective IoT solutions.

Our solutions

By becoming a customer/partner of Bravad Technologie, you will collaborate with a local team that masters and offers solid and profitable fleet management and IoT solutions. Our analysts make sure to offer you solutions adapted to your reality through a diversified catalog of products and services in IoT equipment. Please note that the needs assessment is completely free!

We work with small and medium-sized businesses, institutions and organizations in Quebec to provide them with technological solutions adapted to their needs, resources and fleet.

Electronic logbook

Please consider that in response to federal law, electronic logbooks are now mandatory..

Manage your resources by relying on partners and service providers with the efficiency you are looking for in mind. We find the solutions that are best suited to your reality. Be ready to manage your vehicle fleets with easy and innovative technologies.

  • Fleet management from a screen;
  • Hours of service management;
  • Addition of various sensors for real-time reading of vehicle components;
  • Compliance of mechanical inspections;
  • Legality and status of electronic logging devices (ELDs) required by the federal government.


Products and Services

It’s time to increase your productivity, improve the quality of your fleet management and move forward with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD). It is a device connected to the vehicle’s engine, which automatically records all information related to the driving and resting hours of heavy vehicle drivers. We work with many manufacturers to provide you with the right efficiency solution and more.

  • Addition of fuel utilization devices;
  • Optimization of daily operations;
  • Locating trailers and assets;

Training of vocations and driving habits.

Mechanical Inspection


The pre-trip mechanical inspection tool we offer is an intelligent inspection solution that promotes the health and profitability of your vehicle fleet. The advanced solutions we offer allow for optimal management of your vehicles, ensuring that they are always ready and safe.

Products or services
  • Integrated tracking platform (mechanic portal);
  • Resolution of major breakdowns;
  • Proactive maintenance follow-up.

Dispatch Management


Enhance your operations with dispatch management solutions, intelligent processes integrated with your measurement and control tools. Facilitate the management of your operations by centralizing the associated data. Choose a solution that is adapted to your needs and that facilitates your work and that of your employees.

Products or services
  • Electronic monitoring in loading areas;
  • Monitoring of handling processes;
  • Real-time tracking of goods;
  • Photo and document uploading;
  • Electronic delivery note creation;
  • Accelerated invoicing (mobile application);
  • Obtaining electronic signatures at receiving;
  • Tracking of task schedules (reports and distribution);
  • Customer satisfaction evolution (deliveries, survey, etc.);
  • Development of time sheets, payroll and project costs.


Effective work sites


We offer customized solutions for paving and excavation construction sites. Focus on the use of an Operational Project Management platform designed for daily performance.

Products and services
  • Planning tools;
  • Cost management including Budget vs;
  • Real-time operations reporting;
  • Use of a collaborative platform and efficient mobile application;
  • Management of quotes and material expenses;
  • Time sheets.

Customized Internet of Things


TELUS has built a dedicated infrastructure for the Internet of Things. This means that your IoT implementation will never compete with the rest of the traffic for bandwidth. An IoT platform allows you to monitor and check the status of your assets: equipment, human resources, vehicles, trailers and more. Find out how to improve and stabilize your signal on a construction site at a lower cost. Our experienced specialists integrate solutions or develop custom solutions to meet your needs.

Products or Services
  • Remote pump control;
  • Remote tank monitoring;
  • Adapted technological tools (wireless cameras, 360-degree cameras for buses, robust tablets, cellular signal amplifiers, etc.)
  • Wireless Internet access;
  • LTE link;
  • Wi-Fi for buses;
  • Site Internet.

On-board cameras


Aim for excellence and safety for your drivers by integrating an intelligent on-board camera oriented towards the cabin and/or the road. Several TELUS partner manufacturers now offer solutions that enhance the safety of your vehicles and their passengers by allowing you to detect risky behaviors and view maneuvers performed in certain critical situations such as during a road accident.

Products or services
  • On-board cameras;
  • Personalized assistance.

Request for information

Let us know your needs and we will be able to offer you adapted, scalable and efficient solutions.

We answer your questions

What services do you mainly offer?

Management and control system
- Energy management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings.

Food industry
- Creation of automatic alerts by text message or email that notify you of equipment breakdowns or temperature variations that could lead to losses.

- The arrival of IoT in the warehouse (high-performance wireless networks that provide constant connection to the back office, smart sensors (RFID tags, GS-1 compatible barcodes and location-based techniques) that make it easier to automate the collection of data about an item, monitor the condition of goods and track items.

Worker Safety
- Aware360's SafetyAware lone worker safety and support solution uses IoT, smartphones and wearable devices to link employees to a 24/7 monitoring center.

IoT for Transportation
- The temperature tracking solution ensures FSMA compliance. It allows companies to know the status, in real time, of the entire food chain, from warehouse to truck to delivery.

Access control system for companies
- Tracking of tools or equipment on the job site, employee identification and connectivity to the field.

Who are your partners and suppliers?

We offer telemetry services including Fleet Complete, Geotab, Focus and satellite solutions.

TELUS works with many IoT partners to make your life easier! A simple call to our specialist will help you improve your performance!

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