About us

Where to start? There’s a lot to say about us, but let’s focus on the essential!

We are Bravad. Our goal is to launch you to a new height, help you achieve your full potential, and streamline your success. We are able to achieve that thanks to our expertise and diverse experience. We have developed a general and specialized offer to provide simple solutions to enable you to solve seemingly complicated issues.

We are the Braves and want to provide a high-quality service adapted to your needs and expectations. Our expertise will allow you to focus your efforts on achieving success and meeting your business goals.

Nothing complicated with us—you will find our ideas inspiring, our personalized approach thrilling, and our dedication and willingness to meet your needs appealing. Our strength is working with you to bring your projects to life and make them successful!

Work with Bravad for the winning formula that enables you to evolve and streamline your success—whether small or big, each victory is a source of pride for our team.

Let’s join forces and rapidly advance to your goals!

Bravad is committed to 4 fundamental values:

  • We are brave enough to challenge ourselves;
  • We give our all right to the end;
  • We have fun being there;
  • We work as a team to produce results


Bravad prioritizes being present for your organization. Bravad is a reliable partner you can count on before, during, and after any project we carry out together.

In your best times, we will be there to encourage and support you in continuing your sustainable growth. In your most difficult times, we will be there to find solutions to any challenges that arise.

Doing business with Bravad means hiring a partner that shares your vision and understands the importance of your situation. We will be part of your team and do all we can to protect you!


Bravad was named Cellulaire Plus, operating as an authorized TELUS retailer. The company became a major player for TELUS in Quebec, opening 7 stores.


Keybook Solutions began its operations and offered a revamped service offer: A client management tool we named CRM.

Mobile Marketing Media joined the team, offering digital marketing solutions. At the time, Bravad’s services were offered across three different businesses.


We opted to merge the three entities to create an entirely new one: Bravad.

Synonymous with bravery, bravo, brave, and bold, it is the perfect name to represent us.


IT services were added to the growing business, enabling Bravad to offer turnkey technological services to all of our clients.


Bravad is ruling over the world and is the largest technology player. Our clients boost their success through our winning partnerships!