ADOBE and its offspring

Par Sébastien, Développeur

Adobe is a company that creates many products for web development, graphic design, and a host of other features such as purchasing royalty-free pictures. It is such a powerful range of products that all of Bravad’s projects involve an Adobe product in some way or another.

First, all Adobe products are part of the Creative Cloud, which brings all programs together in one place. For example, if we are creating an icon in Adobe Illustrator, it is incredibly easy to go from one program to another as this icon always stays in the directory under the client’s name. This makes work a whole lot easier.

Illustrator is ideal for creating logos and icons, because it uses a vector image format instead of a pixel image format. It produces outstanding quality, regardless of size. This is a fantastic feature as the logo can then be made small for a business card or blown up very large on a billboard. For example, we can then use Adobe Photoshop to add this logo to a picture for social media. A cloudy sky, underexposed pictures, and unwanted cars in the background can all be fixed using Photoshop. It can be expensive for your business to pay for professional filming or photo shoot services. As an alternative, Adobe Stock is ideal to buy royalty-free professional photos.

Then, there is Adobe InDesign. For anything printed or including more than one page, it is the best program to create brochures and documents. The structure is similar to Word, but the layout and design options are much more appealing.

While we mostly use Adobe for design purposes, Adobe XD, another product from the suite, enables us to create website structures called Wireframe and even to directly design the web platform. Using Adobe XD, you can see the interactions between web pages in order to optimize the experience before starting the full integration of models.

Overall, the Adobe suite is undoubtedly essential for creating all of our web agency’s projects. It may also be useful to increase your knowledge of these programs so you can create internal projects for the rapidly growing needs of your business. It can only enhance your social media content and your website!

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