The dreaded cache

Par Sébastien, Développeur

The infamous cache. Whether we like it or not, the cache is an intermediate memory system that helps display recently loaded web pages faster. This is in fact its main advantage. For instance, the cache lets you save items you have added to an online shopping cart when you return to the site. It also allows you to load your favourite website faster. Basically, the cache saves temporary files on your computer which will be shown when you return to a web page without having to wait for the server’s response where the website is hosted.

Despite this significant advantage, it is sometimes beneficial to clear the cache. We often recommend doing this to be able to see the modifications made on a website. If the site is saved in your cache, it will appear exactly as you last visited it without displaying any updates that could have been implemented on the site.

So here’s why you should empty your cache:

  • First, this prevents using outdated forms. This way, your data concerning personal information you provided on the browser through searches and cookies is better protected.
  • It helps facilitate how your applications and software run on your computer.
  • When you use your software and applications, your web browser may continue to use older files despite the updates applied.
  • In addition, it is important to empty the cache to erase any of the occasional personal information provided on the web browser.


Depending on the browser you are using, there are different ways to empty the cache. Our good friends at show you how to do so!


Show you how to do so!