Business Mobility

Did you know that Bravad is an authorized TELUS retailer? As well as the services offered to customers in our various stores, we also provide mobility for businesses.

We offer the option of investing in a full fleet of phones so you can manage all of your employees’ phone lines. This way, your employees’ phone data is fully secure and you can ensure data confidentiality across many devices.

You can also become a more attractive employer by allowing your employees to get personal cellphone lines, at their own expense but with better prices.

There you have it, a sure way to attract new talent!

Additionally, TELUS solutions go well beyond cellphone lines:

  • We provide competitive sales and reduced prices;
  • We are experts in communication network analysis;
  • We can advise you about technology solutions that could make your company more profitable and productive.

That’s not all, we can also provide our team’s expertise in technical support. You can contact our team and meet a technician who will help resolve your technical issues, regardless of the device in question.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for all of your questions; we are here to help!

Bravad offers many services based on various product lines.


Whether for personal or professional use, you can choose a smart tablet from a full range of products. We primarily offer iPads and Android tablets, therefore ensuring access to a vast ecosystem of available applications. With the right software and proper accessories, the tablet becomes an extremely useful productivity tool.

As TELUS retailers, we can provide you with a suitable Internet data plan, technology currently synonymous with productivity in the business sector. Stay connected by opting for one of our Internet plans.

Smart watches

Smart watches are designed to simplify your life. Using your smart watch, you won’t ever miss any more notifications (calls, text messages, e-mails, appointments).

The smart watches we offer allow you to check the weather, sync your data when exercising, easily travel using a GPS system, control music from your device, and more.

We offer smart watches that take SIM cards, giving you the option of using them without having your device close-by.

Our technology experts will be able to guide you to the right choice, adapted to your lifestyle.

Fleet of devices

We are able to provide your company with a fleet of devices, ready to use and at better prices.

Whether a fleet of phones or tablets, our technology experts will be able to understand your needs and offer you a solution adapted to your situation.

We are aware that implementing a new technology or replacing devices can be a major challenge for any company, but we have the experience and expertise to make the transition seamless and transparent.

Geolocation solutions

Most companies have to produce a significant inventory of tools, supplies, and resources used by all of their employees. To facilitate the management of this inventory and avoid issues such as loss or theft, we can provide you with geolocation solutions adapted to your organization.

With our GPS solutions, you can continuously track and manage your fleet of vehicles and monitor your equipment, tools, and various assets by implanting a GPS chip in any selected device. There is also the option of having real-time geolocation of your employees through the GPS in their mobile devices.

Business applications

Do you use generic applications that don’t really meet your needs? Bravad offers the option of creating a personalized one-of-a-kind application.

Your smart devices and tablets provide access to a complete range of attractive applications that can contribute to carrying out your company’s operations. However, your productivity depends on the features of the applications that you use. They must be well designed, user-friendly, and facilitate user productivity.

Our technology experts are capable of providing recommendations and even developing personalized applications for your company.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional and personalized information.