Christmas reinvented

The pandemic has forced us to reinvent our traditional Bravad Christmas party and we’re presenting it in detail.

Par Sébastien, Développeur

As tradition demands, each year Bravad team members reunite to celebrate successes, share and reward each other for the past year. This year, the virus has confined us and challenged us.

That’s when we had to reinvent ourselves, for one last time in 2020, to offer the Braves a unique festive experience that is a reflection of our appreciation for their work and adaptability over the past year. From this challenge emerged the 2020 edition of the traditional Les Braves Christmas Party: our Christmas reinvented!

This 100% virtual get-together turned out to be a total success. The organizing committee worked hard to deliver an impressive performance in logistics management to ensure that the 200 or so employees, from Gatineau to Montmagny, each received their own surprise box.

We created a memory video that we also wanted to share with you. Enjoy it!

Our partners

This box contained goodies from amazing local suppliers and partners of this beautiful evening. We would like to underline the involvement of many people and companies who made this evening magical:

André Duncan

Renowned mixologist who has concocted colourful and tasty cocktails for us.

Le coin d’Italie

Specialized restaurant in Sherbrooke that has concocted appetizers for our cocktails.

Stéphane Loré

Chef and owner of the LoRé restaurant in Sherbrooke who created a menu that lives up to his reputation.

Christine Morency

A comedian who has committed himself to providing us with the most comforting entertainment.

Graph X Design

A company that makes and distributes promotional items that has allowed us to offer practical gifts in our image to the Braves.

CVA Estrie

Food valorization centre which allowed us to install ourselves in respect of the sanitary measures in place to make the assembly and the storage of the surprise boxes.


Custom box design company that allowed us to deliver the contents of the surprise boxes in a durable packaging adapted to this great occasion.

DJ Huggies

Renowned DJ and partner of the Bravad parties offered us a performance that made more than one dance.

Together, but in distance

We laughed, we danced, we ate and drank together, but each of us at home. The 2020 edition of the Braves Christmas Party is the proof that despite the distance, our pleasure and complicity are still there.

Thank you to the management team who made this party possible, thank you to all our collaborators and partners for your help and your devotion, thank you to all the members of the organizing committee, but especially thank you, the Braves, for making the party rise.

Although the holiday season is different this year, we hope you have fun, reinvent yourselves and share your initiatives, which may inspire others!