Coherence Rhymes to Confidence

Par Sébastien, Développeur

It’ s no surprise, communication is at the heart of all possible and imaginable interactions and manifests itself in many ways. To generate interaction between your company and your targets, you must have a general idea, an image on which to build effective communications that will be closely linked to your service or product offering, your business intentions and your corporate values.

What is a communication axe?

The communication axe is a central idea, a guideline. In other words, it leads and sets the tone for all your communications, whether internal, external or even advertising.

The communication axe must be short, it must generate meaning, according to your intentions and your values. In this way, it will be easier to break it down into different messages and address them to different audiences.

It's all about coherence

Now that you know what a communication axe is, you will be able to create adapted and coherent messages. This coherence will eliminate the moments of misunderstanding and doubt generated in the target audience, where the company seems to get lost in the messages to be published.

Develop short, clear, coherent and user-friendly messages. This is how your communication effectiveness will be well established and you will be able to make a place for the company in the consumers’ hearts.

On social media, coherence allows businesses to position themselves among those who have the most interaction with their audience.
Note that coherence does not mean uniformity. Focus on originality and diversity in the presentation of your messages but keep them simple and concise. This will help you avoid becoming scattered and misunderstood.

How does it work in practice?

Let’s take the example of Bravad: our values are at the heart of what we do. At Bravad, we have the bravery to challenge ourselves, we put in the effort until the end, we have fun being there and we contribute together to the results.

It is in this spirit of collaboration and quest for success that we have imagined our communication axis, which is LA FORCE RASSEMBLÉE.

Therefore, our internal and external communications flow directly from this axis. We present ourselves as a group and not as a company made up of several distinct divisions. We promote internal collaboration, but also in collaboration with our clients in order to create valuable solutions adapted to their needs. We put forward the work that the Braves accomplish every day, since they are the ones who generate Bravad’s success.

By doing like us and choosing a communication axe that is decisive and meaningful for your company, you will be able to build engaging and meaningful messages and gain the trust of your audiences through the resulting messages.