Samsung Knox Manage

Secure and control your operations with Samsung Knox Manage. Available at TELUS branches.

Par Sébastien, Développeur

Productivity and safety

Samsung gives you a secure productivity solution to deploy within a fleet of business devices or even according to your personal needs. Protect and control your devices and data with Samsung Knox Manage.

Representatives who work in our branches, TELUS and KOODO authorized retailers, offer you the option of adding a security screening package made available by Samsung.

This low-cost feature allows you to generate components and secure data on different types of devices at any quality range. Knox Manage gives you superior security, while ensuring easy, fast deployment and quality monitoring according to your needs.


Manage devices, apps, data and monitoring.


Samsung’s secure cloud Knox Manage is an efficient and secure control solution for your business and for your personal needs.


  • Management according to strategic events and specific circumstances
  • Remote device management: control of functionalities and configuration of parameters
  • Management of applications: restriction or incentive of use
  • Management of data and secure content
  • Management of sub-administrators and technical support administrators
  • Remote lock and delete
  • Remote technical support
  • Firmware management

“We have been using Samsung’s Knox Manage system for 4 months now. All direct sellers, totaling 90 devices, use it daily. Soon 350 new cellphones will also be managed by Knox Manage.As IT director at Vertdure and V Extermination, I am able to control cellphone access more effectively and lock devices to authorized applications only, all in one single click.

I chose to do business with Knox Manage since all of the cellphones I use are Samsung. This MDM allowed me to do a lot more control, to be up to date almost in real time and to have support in French which the old MDM did not allow me. Knox Manage is really good at controlling bandwidth, incoming and outgoing calls, cell phone theft and many other options.

On a daily basis, Knox Manage allows me to report on the geolocation of each of the direct sellers. Honestly I like Knox Manage a lot and I also like the support from the folks at Bravad and Samsung. I recommend this product to those who have a large number of cellphones for ultra-precise management of mobile devices. “


Carl Bilodeau, IT Director Vertdure and V Extermination

Control your fleet of devices

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