The family has grown

Par Sébastien, Développeur

By acquiring 6 new TELUS branches, we were able to welcome new players to the team.

In fact, while Bravad expanded into the province, more than 30 people joined the Braves team, which now consists of around 150 people! We are happy to welcome them to our team and to be able to combine our strengths and our know-how in order to forge our expertise.

At Bravad, employees are our pride. The work that everyone does on a daily basis allows the company to stand out and offer quality services to its customers. The strength of our team lies in the multidisciplinarity and passion of each Brave. They are undoubtedly the backbone of the business and enable the growth and success we know.

For all these reasons, welcoming a new member must be memorable and done according to our code of honor, with pleasure and in collaboration with all the other Braves already in place.

You are probably wondering how we managed to integrate so many new employees, so quickly and in times of pandemic. Let us explain it to you!

Home video

First, we asked for the collaboration of all the Braves, for the production of a welcome video, posted on our internal Facebook page. Surprise, you now have access!

Goûter à notre saveur

Ensuite, pour souligner leur arrivée dans l’équipe des Braves, nous leur avons chacun envoyé une petite surprise conçue spécialement pour le personnel, La Brave, notre bière signature. Laissez-nous vous dire qu’elle en a fait des heureux !

Virtual summer party

Since the current situation did not allow us to get together for our annual Summer Party, we had to revise the formula to organize an event for the 150 employees. Our goal was to involve the entire internal community and thank them for their quality work. We also took the opportunity to highlight, all together, the arrival of the new Braves to the team.

So we invited DJ Huggies to perform live on our internal Facebook page. This virtual evening was a great success since nearly 140 of us attended. It’s a great alternative while waiting to get together and get to know each other.

Click here , to learn more about our special guest.


Surprises pour tous

This evening was embellished with surprises delivered to each of the Braves, champagne, popcorn and a Bravad Army cap. Symbolic surprise of the union of our forces in the professional achievement of the company and each of its employees!

We took up the challenge, since as always, we want to innovate, surpass ourselves and find a solution to the problem that arises. The integration of more than 30 employees during a pandemic was quite a big deal!

Take away problems, we just have solutions!

Welcome to all the new Braves and congratulations to all those who participated directly or indirectly in their integration.

If you also want to be part of the Bravad family, check out the available job offers!