Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is indispensable to your daily operations.

Microsoft 365 is indispensable to your company’s daily operations. Microsoft provides diverse, adaptable services.


Office programs
OutlookWeb versionWeb versionWeb version
Word-Excel-Power point Web versionWeb version
One Notes  Web version
Access (PC)  Web version
Publisher (PC)  Web version
Office services
Tool your team with
50 GB email account 
Personalized mail domain address 
PC/Mac licenses  
Installation licenses on phones 5/user
Installation licenses on tablets 5/user
Microsoft Planner 
Facilitate communications with
Business Skype 
Microsoft Teams 
HD TV or video conferencing 250 users250 users
Manage your data securely
Exchange50 Gb
OneDrive 1 Tb1 Tb
Gain visibility and cultivate customer relationships with
Microsoft Connection  
Microsoft referencing  
Outlook Customer Manager  
Manage your activities with applications
Microsoft Invoicing  
Microsoft Bookings  
Business Centre  
Manage your team’s schedules and tasks with
Microsoft Staff Hub  
Office Support
FastTrack deployment 50 licenses and more50 licenses and more
Web and phone 24/724/7
Maximum number of users300300300
Use of licenses CommercialCommercial
Bravad TI services and support
Management of the environment provided (certain conditions apply)

By choosing Microsoft 365’s Business Premium plan, Bravad TI provides you a range of services with potential for your company.


TI – 1 TI – 2 TI – 3 TI – 4
Microsoft Business Premium ?
Online Backup Plan ?
Environmental Management ?
Antivirus ?
Office Protect ?
Technical Support ?
Online Help with advanced Office tutorial ?
3CX IP Telephony ? Standard Pro
Devices ?
Ultimate safety ?


In addition to your Microsoft 365, you can add different services according to your needs:

Digital fax

You could opt for a fax system entirely managed through your e-mail. Send and receive documents by fax using an e-mail account, while allowing your recipients to send and receive them using standard fax.

Get rid of bulky devices, dedicated lines, maintenance, and paper management! For greater autonomy and productivity, manage all of your communications by e-mail.

Virtual number

Have several numbers automatically redirected to your standard virtual number!

Get rid of cellphone or residential lines, and keep just one number for all of your operations. This will allow you to create telephone numbers for other cities in Canada, America, or other countries with calls directed to your standard number.

Virtual number +

In addition to automated reception, as provided by the standard virtual number system, you have the advantage of a centralized call system directed to a single number. Using this technology, you can let incoming calls be transferred to the team members intended to receive them. These features enable a range of options programmed especially for your company’s needs.

Enhance your accessibility and productivity by choosing an evolving, adapted system!

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