Business Telephony and Internet


What is more frustrating than bad phone reception, a single user managing several phone numbers, or having trouble hosting a conference call?

Bravad can relieve these daily professional inconveniences by providing you a phone system, adapted to your business sector. Our solutions are fully integrated and allow you to optimize the use of your staff, virtualize incoming calls, and conduct effective monitoring of your operations.

By choosing us, your operational costs will be drastically reduced and your system management simplified. The system will also evolve at the same pace as your company. We have the expertise needed to optimize voice clarity on your phone calls, ensuring consistent sound quality for all of your communications.

Base features provided by our systems

All of our systems provide the following features:

  • Call recording and archiving
  • Management and analysis reports
  • Contact centre with automatic call distribution
  • Call monitoring
  • Virtual conference calling
  • Centralized telephone directory
  • Centralized integrated messaging
  • Call waiting feature with a soundtrack or advertising

Telephony options

We can meet even more of your needs:

  • Virtual numbers: Allow you to provide your clients a local listing or number outside Canada
  • Toll-free numbers: Allow your clients to reach you free of charge
  • in turn expressing a level of prestige at your company
  • Long-distance calling: We offer several long-distance call plans for North America and around the globe.

Company mobility

Thanks to our company mobility service, you can use a single number for several devices. Transferring an ongoing call from one device to another is made easy and provides you better mobility, whether at the office or on the road, you can be reached through a single number. You have no need to worry about missing important calls and, above all, you are not limited in using your telephony system.

IP phone range

IP telephony (or VoIP) is a telephony service where a call is digitalized and then directed to your recipient through the Internet network using a session initiation protocol (SIP). Significant savings are made possible by using a wired telephone system. Note that our systems support most IP phones.


Over time, the Internet has become an essential element to business operations. Bravad recommends adding and adjusting your Internet connection for all of your IT services. In the event of an issue or outage, you will then only need to contact one specialist. They will guide and equip you to get through your technical issues as they have full knowledge of your entire infrastructure.

Internet connection

All of our plans include unlimited data, operating on Wi-Fi (wireless) networks. We are able to offer you whatever speed you want, according to your company’s needs. Additionally, we can create a VPN to connect several computers so they are able to work on the same local network.

Dedicated fibre optics

If your needs are greater than the average company, we provide a dedicated fibre optic service for bigger users, enabling the fastest connection speeds on the market.

Although a standard connection is suitable for the vast majority of companies, dedicated fibre optics allows you to send and receive as much data as you want at a consistently high speed. You can also change the speed of your connection by changing your plan as your company expands.

Contact one of our representatives to determine which solution would be the best for you!


We understand the great importance of security within a company. This is why we offer only services that ensure you are effectively protected against threats on the web.

Using our advanced firewalls, you will be able to remotely maintain your equipment and monitor the development of potential issues. We can provide you with an additional level of security while explaining its features and details.

You can access an information web portal that will allow you to analyze any situation that may arise in real time. We offer various security and intrusion prevention systems according to the importance you assign to your company’s web security.

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